Meet the Team



Matt Laming, President
Matt Laming is the owner and president of GLHCU. Matt spends most of his time working on growing the company and achieving our vision of providing the highest quality care. He is also in charge of our billing and payroll department. In his free time, Matt enjoys fishing and relaxing at his cottage in Gladwin.


Elizabeth Laming, Director of Operations
Elizabeth oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. She also does a lot of community outreach and can be seen traveling around the state to attend events. She also keeps all of our policies and procedures up to date and maintains our standards.  She loves spending time with her grandchildren and reading books when she has free time.


Loretta Ferris, Office Manager
Loretta is our office manager and handles operations in the office. She covers a wide variety of roles as a manager and helps oversee everything from scheduling to human resources. She also is in charge of our veteran's association contract. In her free time, Loretta is either with her kids at home, canning, or volunteering.

Office Staff


Matthew Laming, Client Relations

Matthew Laming specialized in the sales and marketing aspects of the business. He makes all of the sales calls and creates marketing tools for the company such as flyers, informational documents, and advertisements. In his free time, Matthew love to play video games, paint miniatures, and play with his cat.


Katonha Conley, HR & Scheduling

Katonha plays a flexible role at GLHCU assisting with both human resources and scheduling. Her main focus is making sure our caregivers are top-notch and handles their reviews and communication needs from clients/scheduling to the caregiver. She also assists the rest of the team in making sure all of our clients’ and caregivers’ scheduling needs are met. In her free time, Katonha likes to garden and spend time helping others in any way she can.

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Melinda Sanchez, HR & Scheduling

Melinda, similar to Katonha, plays a flexible role in assisting with HR and scheduling. She applies her own experience and knowledge as a caregiver/shift lead to her work which has been vital in providing assistance not lonely to our clients but also to our caregivers. She moved here from California in 2016 with her husband Brian. They have 6 grown children and 24 grandchildren. In her free time, Melinda loves fishing and enjoying the weather changes here in beautiful Michigan.