Weekly Link Round-Up: Lifestyle changes improve cognition, Telehealth company gains ground in Home Health Care, and Carepeeps, An Enhanced Voice App For Caregiver Support.

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Alzheimers & Dementia:

Lifestyle changes improved cognition in people at risk for Alzheimer's, study shows:

This article discusses how a new study has found that personalized lifestyle interventions may not only stop cognitive decline but also increase their memory and thinking skills. These include diet changes, exercise, and brain training. Some tests have also shown that personalized approaches to these changes are the most effective at slowing the decline.

Read More: https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/30/health/alzheimers-lifestyle-changes-improved-memory-wellness/index.html

10 things you should know about Lewy body dementia:

This article covers ten things you should know about Lewy Body Dementia. These include how it is the second most common form of degenerative dementia, it's common symptoms and potential treatments.

Read More: https://www.al.com/life/2019/10/10-things-you-should-know-about-lewy-body-dementia.html

Study Projects Dementia Cases Will Double Over Next 20 Years:

The Milken Institute projects the number of Americans living with dementia will double over the next 20 years. The report then goes on to discuss some ways of addressing this evergrowing health crisis.

Read More: https://milkeninstitute.org/reports/reducing-cost-and-risk-dementia

Home Care:

Telehealth Company Gains Ground in Home Health Care's Battle Against Hospital Readmissions:

Home care providers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to keep older adults out of the hospital. Many providers are turning to telehealth companies to aid in such efforts. Thes telehealth programs have helped many companies lower hospital readmission rates significantly.


Now Available: Carepeeps, An Enhanced Voice App For Caregiver Support:

The app is built around a voice engine that makes well-being data entry easy. All the caregiver has to do is press a button on the app and talk into it like a conversation. The app then groups the data and makes it easy to organize and read.

"Caring for Caregivers" event Celebrates those who take care of people with disabilities:

An event took place in Cumberland County, Philadelphia to celebrate caregivers. The event was organized by a group of locals and took place at Trinity High School. It was a day to reconnect, renew, and refresh.

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